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All We Can Save

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In the calm before the storm
I sit down to listen
Not many birds in the sky
Cause the winds been gusting
There’s malarkey in the air
Shutter up them windows
When the Waffle House is open
Florida boys stay swimming
As the rain falls
And the streets start to closing
Sending love and support
To people hit with destruction
These devastating storms
As the Earth gets hotter
Feel the rumbles of the sea respond to her trauma
There’s Malarkey in the air
For those denying the climate
We feel the temperatures climbing
We’ve seen the spread of the fires
The glaciers melt down
Ocean waters keep rising

And it’s all we can save
Yeah its all we can save
It’s all we can save
Let our children inherent solutions
ITS all we can save
Go on and be the change
We can save it today
Let our children inherent solutions

in how we mitigate risks
In how we value our time
In how we embrace technology that’s changing our lives
We know the answers exist
To solve the worlds problems
We want it told like it is
So we can do something about it
We got the power don’t doubt us
We got the power don’t doubt us
Got that global love
Seeded in localized focus
We’re creating new ways
We know love is most potent
We want a thriving world
With fresh clean waters
Energy independence from goliaths of profit
We want rejuvenating soils
We know we’re all here to prosper
We love the shit out the Earth
Slow down and reconsider
What it’s all really worth
Go on and give it some focus
Its all we can save
How will you play your part
Go on and show them what love is